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Phoenix IB is a boutique, “special situations”-oriented investment bank that offers M&A, capital raising, and advisory services across a broad range of circumstances and transaction types.

What is a “Special Situation” Transaction?

Special situation transactions involve a distinct complexity that must be properly managed and resolved to achieve an optimal outcome. Examples can include combinations of niche or multi-sector businesses, story-driven transactions, tight funding deadlines, enhanced leverage requirements, dual or multi-track fund raising or sale processes, distressed or turnaround situations including ~363 sale processes, or rapid unfolding, extra-ordinary growth scenarios.

Examples of Special Situations Transactions:

  • Companies that require creative funding strategies to realize or accelerate compelling growth or acquisition opportunities.
  • Balance sheet optimization strategies that leverage unique or specialized assets to extract value or enhance cash flow.
  • Transactions that require an expertly delivered, ‘story-driven’ marketing approach or multi-dimensional sale processes with several approaches running concurrently.
  • Closely held businesses seeking a sale that requires niche, ‘under-the-radar’ strategic or financial acquirers to maximize value.
  • Transactions that require extreme speed of execution without diminishing the effectiveness of the process or becoming overly burdensome on the business.
  • Lenders and asset managers seeking to ‘right-track’ problematic investments or divest non-core, subscale, or legacy positions.
  • Investors seeking access to unique, off-market investment opportunities through accessing our multi-discipline penetration of closely held middle market businesses.

“Special situations” require a distinct expertise.

Although there is not one specific feature that creates or defines a “special situation,” there is a distinct expertise required to lead clients in successfully navigating special situations, which we have built based on:

The Right Team

Our team has diverse backgrounds in consulting, banking, asset management, operations, and industry. Every senior member of the firm has started and managed a business in the past, which is how we have cultivated a culture of doers rather than talkers.

The Right Approach

Our approach is based on creativity, sound judgement, persistence, and technical proficiency. We are expert problem-solvers that can rapidly assess a situation, develop a holistic solution, and discreetly execute—always with efficiency and with a sense of urgency.

Track Record and Experience

Our track record includes over 1,600 engagements as advisors, directors, interim executives, fiduciaries diligence/transaction advisors, and investment bankers on behalf of clients of all sizes, in dozens of countries, and in virtually every sector. This gives us unmatched credibility with, and access to, lenders, investors, and strategic buyers, as well as frequent off-market acquisition opportunities.

This unique expertise positions us to identify solutions that others simply miss and to execute those solutions in a manner that more traditional investment banks simply cannot.

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