Debt & Equity Capital Raising 

Our capital raising services are designed to provide tailored financing solutions across the capital structure, particularly for clients faced with complex growth or funding situations, including:

We understand that each of our clients’ financing requirements is unique. Whether a start-up in an early stage with exciting growth potential or a mature company amid a corporate turnaround, a company often cannot access the capital needed to support its operational requirements. In situations like these, it is critical to raise adequate funds that allow clients to execute plans, expand their businesses, and maximize enterprise value.

We employ a highly tailored and collaborative approach to deliver customized solutions to fit each client’s needs, providing financing alternatives across the entire capital structure. As a result, Phoenix IB is uniquely qualified to support transitioning, rebounding, or early-stage companies with access to non-traditional sources to raise the capital needed to support their goals for recovery or growth.

Our capital raising services include:

  • Control / Majority Equity
  • Growth / Minority Equity
  • Dividend Recaps / Structured Equity
  • Acquisition Financing / Bridge Loans
  • Corporate Financings and Refinancings
  • Equipment Financing / Asset-Based Loans
  • DIP Loans

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