Restructuring Advisory

Our award-winning restructuring services are tailored to optimize and enhance the balance sheet for each client during any stage or situation, regardless of industry, objectives, or business characteristics.

A company may need to retool its capital structure to support growth opportunities, shore up a challenging financial situation, or refinance expensive debt with hefty amortization and/or restrictive covenants. At times, a company’s performance may fall short of previously planned events or expected targets, resulting in the need to recalibrate its existing debt structure via an out-of-court refinancing, financial restructuring, and/or recapitalization processes.

We give each transaction senior level attention and instill confidence in clients, lenders, and investors—having served them with more than 35 years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the capital markets, and established relationships with private equity, mezzanine capital, and senior debt sources. Our team of experts works with clients to create a credible financial structure that considers the realities and needs of each client, ensuring that companies find the right financial partner and obtain the best possible terms from their lenders and investors.

Our investment banking experts critically review existing forecasts and work with our clients to prepare new forecasts that accurately project the business’ anticipated financial performance and capital requirements. We also work alongside management teams to critique business plans and present recommendations on an optimal capital structure that the business can support based on current market conditions.

Our recommendations for balance sheet restructuring generally focus on the following areas:

  • Covenant violation waivers and restructured covenants
  • Temporary, relaxed principal and interest payments
  • Renegotiated termed-out debt structures
  • Subordination of existing senior debt to “new money”
  • Settlement of debt obligations for less than face value
  • Conversion of some or all debt obligations to equity
  • Debt and balance sheet restructuring through the sale of under-performing divisions / assets

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